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Альберт Ейлер: біографія

Альберт Ейлер біографія, фото, розповіді - фрі-джазовий саксофоніст і авангардний, співак, композитор

фрі-джазовий саксофоніст і авангардний, співак, композитор


  • 1969:The Last Album(Impulse! Records) (US) (p)
  • 1964:Albert Smiles With Sunny[live] (In Respect] (Germany) (p) (CD 1:Prophecy, CD 2: extra material from same concert, subsequently included onHoly Ghost)
  • 2004:Holy Ghost(Revenant Records) (US) (p) (9 disc box set featuring Ayler's first and last recordings, plus other previously unreleased material .)
  • 1964:Spirits(akaWitches & Devils) (Debut) (Denmark)
  • 1964:Albert Ayler[live] (Philology) (Italy) (p) (CD release:Live In Europe 1964-1966(Landscape) (France). 1964 tracks included onThe Copenhagen Tapes, 1966 tracks included onHoly Ghost)
  • 1963:My name is Albert Ayler(Debut) (Denmark)
  • 1966:The Village Concerts[live] (Impulse! Records) (US) (p) (CD release ofIn Greenwich VillageandThe Village ConcertsasLive In Greenwich Village: The Complete Impulse Recordings(Impulse! Records))
  • 1966:In Greenwich Village[ live] (Impulse! Records) (US)
  • 1964:New York Eye And Ear Control(ESP) (US)
  • 1966:At Slug's saloon, vol. 1 & 2[live] (ESP / Base) (Italy) (p)
  • 1965:Spirits rejoice(ESP) ( US)
  • 1964:The Copenhagen tapes[live] (Ayler Records) (Sweden) (p)
  • 1962:Something Different! !!!(akaThe First Recordings Vol. 1) (Bird Notes) (Sweden)
  • 2006: The Complete ESP-Disk Recordings
  • 1967:Love Cry(Impulse! Records) (US)
  • 1969:Music is the Healing Force of the Universe(Impulse! Records) (US)
  • 1964:Prophecy[live] (ESP / Base) (Italy) (p)
  • 1964:The Hilversum Session(Osmosis Records / Coppens Records) (Holland) (p) -
  • 1970:Nuits de la Fondation Maeght Vol. 1 & 2[live] (Shandar) (France) (p)
  • 1968:New Grass(Impulse! Records) (US)
  • 1964:Swing low sweet spiritual(Osmosis) (Holland) (p) (CD release:Goin 'Home(Black Lion))
  • 1966:L?rrach / Paris 1966[live] (hat HUT) (Switzerland) (p)
  • 1962:The First Recordings, Vol. 2(Bird Notes) (Sweden)
  • 1970:Albert Ayler Quintet 1970[live] (Blu Jazz) (Italy) (p) (re-released asLive On The Riviera(ESP) (US))
  • 1965:Bells(ESP) (US) Live at New York Town Hall
  • 1964:Spiritual Unity(ESP Disk) (US)
  • 1965:Sonny's Time Now(Jihad) (US)
  • 1964:Ghosts(akaVibrations) (Debut) (Denmark)


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