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Вернон Лі: біографія

Вернон Лі біографія, фото, розповіді - англійська письменниця, перекладачка, автор численних есе про мистецтво

англійська письменниця, перекладачка, автор численних есе про мистецтво


  • Ariadne in Mantua: a Romance in Five Acts(1903)
  • Miss Brown( 1884) роман
  • Baldwin: Being Dialogues on Views and Aspirations(1886)
  • Studies of the Eighteenth Century in Italy( 1880)
  • The Sentimental Traveller. Notes on Places(1908)
  • The Prince of the Hundred Soups: A Puppet Show in Narrative(1883)
  • Penelope Brandling: A Tale of the Welsh Coast in the Eighteenth Century(1903)
  • Satan the Waster: A Philosophic War Trilogy(1920)
  • Renaissance Fancies And Studies Being A Sequel To Euphorion(1895)
  • Vanitas: Polite Stories(1892)
  • The Countess of Albany(1884)
  • Althea: Dialogues on Aspirations & Duties(1894)
  • The Ballet of the Nations. A Present-Day Morality(1915)
  • Gospels of Anarchy & Other Contemporary Studies(1908)
  • Snake Lady and Other Stories(1954)
  • Ravenna and Her Ghosts(1907)
  • Music and its Lovers(1932 )
  • The Handling of Words and Other Studies in Literary Psychology(1906)
  • The Legend of Madame Krasinska(1903)
  • Louis Norbert. A Twofold Romance(1914) роман
  • Vital Lies: Studies of Some Varieties of Recent Obscurantism(1912).
  • Art and Life(1896)
  • In Praise of Old Gardens(1912) з іншими
  • The Child In The Vatican(1900)
  • Genius Loci(1899) дорожні замітки
  • Laurus Nobili: Chapters on Art and Life(1909 )
  • Hortus Vitae: Essays on the Gardening of life(1904)
  • The Spirit of Rome(1906)
  • Juvenilia, Being a second series of essays on sundry aesthetical questions(1887)
  • Sister Benvenuta and the Christ Child, an eighteenth-century legend(1906)
  • The Golden Keys(1925) есе
  • A Phantom Lover: A Fantastic Story(1886) (Новела, також мзвестна як Oke of Okehurst, Alice Oke)
  • The Poet's Eye(Hogarth Press, 1926)
  • Euphorion: Being Studies of the Antique and the Mediaeval in the Renaissance(1884)
  • The Beautiful. An Introduction to Psychological Aesthetics(1913)
  • Pope Jacynth - And Other Fantastic Tales(1904)
  • The Enchanted Woods(1905) есе
  • Limbo and Other Essays(1897)
  • The Virgin of the Seven Daggers - And Other Chilling Tales of Mystery and Imagination(1962)
  • Proteus or The Future Of Intelligence(1925)
  • Supernatural Tales( 1955)
  • For Maurice. Five Unlikely Stories(1927)
  • Belcaro, Being Essays on Sundry Aesthetical Questions(1883)
  • The Tower of the Mirrors and Other Essays on the Spirit of Places(1914)
  • In Umbria: A Study of Artistic Personality(1901)
  • Ottilie: An Eighteenth Century Idyl(1883)
  • Chapelmaster Kreisler A Study of Musical Romanticists(1901)
  • Hauntings. Fantastic Stories(1890)


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