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  • Disincarnate -Dreams of the Carrion Kind


  • Death -Spiritual Healing


  • Obituary - Cause of Death


  • Cancer -Death Shall Rise


  • Testament -The Gathering
  • Testament -Live at the Fillmore
  • Testament -Low


  • Konkhra -Nothing Is Sacred
  • Konkhra -The Freakshow
  • Konkhra -Come Down Cold
  • Konkhra -Weed out the Weak

James Murphy

  • James Murphy -Convergence(1996)
  • James Murphy -Feeding the Machine(1999 )

Guest appearances

  • World Under Blood - Solo on the track Under the Autumn Low between Deron Miller 's solos
  • Warrel Dane -Praises to the War Machine(Solo on the track The Day the Rats Went to War)
  • Agressor -Medieval Rites(one solo)
  • Solstice -Solstice(four solos + backing vocals)
  • Artension -Into the Eye of the Storm(one solo)
  • Steve Morse -Prime Cuts(one solo)
  • Malevolent Creation -Retribution(one solo)
  • Only Human -The Dismantling(one solo)
  • Various artists-Working Man - A Tribute To Rush(lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and / or keyboards on five songs)
  • Explorers Club -Age of Impact
  • Abigail Williams -In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns- (Solo on The World Beyond and Whammy on Smoke and Mirrors)
  • Various artists-Roadrunner United- Annihilation by the Hands of God (solo), Constitution Down (intro solo)
  • The Absence -Riders of the Plague(two tracks)
  • Agent Steel - (one live track on the re-release)
  • Rob Van Der Loo 's Freak Neil inc. -Characters(3 solos)
  • Martriden -The Unsettling Dark(one solo)
  • John West -Permanent Mark(one solo)
  • Vicious Rumors -Sadistic Symphony(one solo)
  • Enforsaken -The Forever Endeavor(one solo)
  • Artension -Forces of Nature(four solos)
  • Agressor -The Spirit of Evil(three tracks)
  • Cannae -When Gold Becomes Sacrifice(one solo)
  • Foreign Objects -Universal Culture Shock(guitar solos)
  • John West -Mind Journey(one solo)
  • Memorain -White Line(five solos)
  • Broken Hope -Repulsive Conception(one solo)
  • Summon -... And the Blood Runs Black(guest keyboard, acoustic guitar and lead guitar)
  • Gorguts -Considered Dead(one solo)
  • Firewind -Forged by Fire(one solo)
  • D??TH -The Hinderers(one solo)
  • Artension -Phoenix Rising(one solo)
  • Demise -Torture Garden(one solo)
  • Nevermore -This Godless Endeavor(Solo on the track The Holocaust of Thought)
  • Malevolent Creation -The Will to Kill(two solos)

Furthermore he performed as a touring guitarist for Agent Steel and he played in Hallows Eve in 1988